Growth performance of crossbred kids (Boer x Indigenous Goat Breeds)

  • Tsegay Teklebrhan Haramaya University


The study was conducted to evaluate growth performance of crossbred (Boer x Hararaghe Highland and Boer x Short Eared Somali) kids at Haramaya University Goat Farm in Eastern Ethiopia. Breed (p<0.01), Birth type, sex (p<0.05) and year of birth (p<0.01) had effect on weight of crossbred kids. Accordingly, ½BR½SG kids had heaver birth, weaning and six months weights than ½BR½HH kids. Moreover, indicates single born kids were heavier on weight from birth to six month than twins’ birth. It also shows that male and single born kids had significantly better weight from birth to weaning than female and twin birth. Weight of crossbred kids had also increased from earlier to subsequent years of birth. Similar post weaning growth rate (P>0.05) was obtained between breeds but, ½BR½SG kids had faster growth before weaning as compared to ½BR½HH crossbred kids. The study suggested that crossing Boer with indigenous goats has been improved productivity of indigenous goat breeds in Ethiopia.


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